Geniq’s mission is to enable success in value-based healthcare through proven workflows and actionable analytics.

Introducing the qPlatform

Crafted with over 25 years of excellence in managing global risk and value based care, the qPlatform was developed inside a prominent healthcare delivery system to be the engine behind quality care and successful business management.

Currently, the qPlatform supports the management of over 900,000 members across 13 locations in California, New York, Colorado and Arizona. The qPlatform has grown and evolved over the years through constant feedback from it’s 3000 active users. With a laser focus on user workflow and quality care, the qPlatform is a great fit for any healthcare organization.

Geniq Inc. was launched in the fall of 2019 to introduce the qPlatform to the broader healthcare market.


The qPlatform manages all aspects of your value-based business through streamlined workflows, provider engagement, and quality care delivery

Manage Your Value-Based Business

qAnalytics - Dashboards and Analytics
qAuth - Utilization Management and Authorization

Engage Your Providers

qHealth - HCC Management
qMetrics - Quality Scores and
Population Health 

Care for Your Members

qCare - Care Management
qMobile - Member engagement
(coming soon)

Manage Your Communications

 qDoc - Document management 
qCall - Call tracking 

Work flow

  • q. is a comprehensive workflow platform designed to optimize healthcare coordination and facilitate operational efficiency in all phases of the value-based care model
  • q. improves provider and patient satisfaction through seamless care management, actionable data, and efficient communication

Data Integration

  • The qPlatform consolidates, organizes, and analyzes data to engage clinical providers, administrators, and caregivers with their members effectively, efficiently, and effortlessly

Security and Compliance

  • The qPlatform meets or exceeds all security and compliance requirements related to HIPAA, HITECH and managed care environments